West Street BS3
Neighbourhood Action Group

From Roman times to the present day West Street, Bedminster, has been a major route into Bristol.  Yet while other parts of Greater Bedminster have enjoyed a period of regeneration, this historic thoroughfare and its immediate neighbourhood have been sadly neglected.
WOW is the improvement action group representing residents, traders and local  organisations, which aims to redress the balance in an area of Bedminster centred on West Street and roughly skirted by the railway line, Luckwell Road, Garnet and Ruby Streets, British Road, and Cannon Street.
We're working with the Greater Bedminster Community Partnership, the Bedminster Town Team, Bristol City Council officers and Councillors, and local organisations such as South Street School/Compass Point , acta theatre Company and the Bedminster churches.
If you live or work in the area, or walk or cycle through it, here's your chance to make a difference:  get in touch and give us your views.  Click on 'contact us’, or use our Facebook site and and Twitter feed. 

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