Way Out West is the action group for the West Street Bedminster (Bristol BS3) Neighbourhood

Why ‘Way Out West’? Because local people felt we had too long been off the regeneration agenda.

Established in 2010, we are managed by an annually elected steering group of local residents, business owners and organisations who have come together to improve the quality of life for everybody living and working on and around our historic
high street.

From a Roman road to the busy A38 – gateway to the West and Bristol Airport – West St has seen many changes in its colourful history. In Victorian times the Argus and Malago coal pits were sited on the street (hence ‘the Jolly Colliers’  pub – and the mine manager’s cottage still stands at the corner of West St/Argus Rd): hundreds of people working in several large local factories provided customers for many shops.

The factories and most of the shops have long gone, and In recent times the neighbourhood has experienced mixed fortunes at the hands of developers, and an increase in traffic. But scratch beneath the surface and its character and history can be still be enjoyed and celebrated.

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