It’s been a year like no other, but we’ve continued to work on-line to make sure that our neighbourhood still gets the attention it requires. This has meant a dialogue over several months with Sovereign Housing and the City Council about the ongoing rubbish spillage at 103 West Street. It’s also included getting support from Neighbourhood Enforcement regarding the illegal parking on the land next to Halfords – one of West Street’s few green spaces, where volunteers had planted daffodils. We’re trying to get some hard standing into the dog exercise area in South Street Park, and we’ve been making sure West Street’s businesses are accessing their share of the COVID support available from the Council and the Bedminster Business Improvement District. Wev’e also been instrumental in getting Bedminser Pharmacy’s COVID vaccination hub established at the Methodist Church on British Road. So WOW’s activities continue albeit from a desk somewhere close to West Street BS3….