Lots of things bubbling away at WOW HQ just now. ANYBODY UP FOR HELPING WITH THE FOLLOWING??-chasing City Council neighbourhood enforcement promises to deal with the ILLEGAL PARKING on the green next to Halfords

  • chasing promises from Sovereign Housing to keep their tenants’ RUBBISH off the street at 103 West Street
  • planning for a COMMUNITY CAFE on West Street
  • planning for increased YOUTH ACTIVITIES at the URC Hall on West Street- fundraising for the BEDMINSTER WINTER LANTERN PARADE
  • representing our patch at the LIVEABLE NEIGHBOURHOODS Southville and Bedminster meetings (zoom)
  • re-organising and managing the FRIENDS OF SOUTH ST PARK group- updating our WEBSITE
  • reviving and managing a group to care for the West Street PLANTERS AND HANGING BASKETS (we have £500+ to spend)

If YOU can spare even an hour a week to do any of this, do contact info@way-out-west.org!